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“Sakura accounting” is

full-scale financial accounting package that corresponds to the globalization era.

Internationalization function to develop business in global market.

Multiple languages 

All business form can change in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

We support transactions in various countries’ currencies.

Multiple ledger 

We can correspond to multiple ledger such as US standards and IFRS.



 It corresponds to world notation such as DateTime and numerical format etc.

Multiple CurRENCY

full-scale financial accounting package
that corresponds to the globalization era.

financial accounting

Realization of full-scale financial accounting that can be widely used from corporate accounting personnel to management.

  • Book and slip loaded with abundant customization function.

  • Aggregation processing that can speedily specify various conditions.

  • Financial statement output that can create different forms for each company.

Management accounting to achieve a “visualization”

Management accounting realizes “visualization” of profitability and profitability that can be put to business immediately.

  • Realize various segment management suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Individual cost focusing on human resources such as IT development and professional skill.

  • In addition to normal depreciation, we also support impairment accounting and lease management.

  • By adding options, it is possible to respond to various accounting processing

(Financial accounting,  Managerial accounting).

[Example of options that can be selected]

Department management, customer management, management analysis, multiple books, project management, others.

  • Sakura accounting includes all functions of international accounting software, but you can purchase inexpensively by removing unused functions.

  • If you purchase additional licenses, it will be able to edit data simultaneously with multiple people.


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