Those who do full-scale financial and management accounting.

Is there full-scale accounting software that allows to enter journal entries from the transfer slip, journal or ledger, manage cost individual accounts, trading partner management, and also able to fixed asset management?

Sakura accounting,

you can enter journal entries from the transfer slip,journal or ledger!

It can also do individual cost accounting, business partner management,fixed asset management!

Multi User




A variety of customization features, and flexibility corresponding to the business of each customer.
Customers can freely edit the addition form, summary structure of the schedule table and the layout of books at any time.

It is a network-enabled accounting package that can be used by multiple users.
There are functions such as journal approval function with multiple stages, user management with emphasis on security, various history, and operation log.




Since the export and import has been enhanced, the transition from the existing system is in conjunction with other systems can be carried out smoothly.

Import & Export
Individual Cost Management




Indirect labor costs can be allocated to each project from working hours and unit price for each employee/project.
It is possible to compare the project’s forecasts and trace instantly from that statement to the transaction (general ledger).
It is possible to summarize occasionally the operating results for each department/employee and the cost difference for each department.

Multiple Regions



It is compatible with multiple tax rates, and you can freely add / change tax classification and tax rate for value added tax calculation. Regardless of which tax rate you use, you can calculate the tax automatically when you enter the transaction. Various tax collections including consumption tax aggregation are flexibly dealt with.It supports different notation around the world such as currency symbol and delimiter, date and numeric format. It is also possible to register your own format.

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