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Those who would like to visualize overseas subsidiaries.

Is it possible to see the local accounting data in real time in the Japanese form?

Sakura accounting can see the local accounting data in

Japanese from in real time!

Multiple Language



It corresponds to three languages of Japanese, English and Chinese.
A switchable language of a screen display, printing, and operation message with one button. It is possible to display it in different languages or print in a different language from the screen display. Each document has the function to adjust the layout (width and height of the item) so as to be able to adjust the variation of the design generated by the difference of language.




We will issue transactions denominated in foreign currencies using multiple currencies and rates. Displays the transaction amount and balance of foreign currency amount, and basic currency amount in various books and schedules. It is possible to conduct various analyzes since each report can compile and display various masters and currencies as aggregation conditions. It is also possible automatic creation of collective conversion journals by the end of a year. You can also use currencies other than yen as the base currency.

Multiple Ledger



It supports multiple ledger. Able to create financial statements, various schedules, ledgers and ledgers in various types of combinations (multiple standards) by classifying transactions into multiple types (Japan Standard, US Standard, IFRS etc.). It is possible to save time and effort to rearrange with spreadsheet software etc. for reports to home countries with different ledger, thus realizing an efficient work environment.

Setting Item Format

Setting item format

It supports different notation around the world such as currency symbol and monetary delimiter, date and numeric format. It is also possible to register your own format.

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